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Are you using video on your website or landing pages? If not your crazy!
And not just crazy, you’re lazy too, because video is now super easy to create.

Video is quickly becoming one of the fastest ways to boost your Google ranking, because having video on the landing page of your site makes it 53% more likely to show up on page 1 of Google. (Source: Mist Media)

Now, I know you’re saying “that’s great, but it’s hard to make good quality videos”. But I disagree, you don’t have to make the next viral hit, you just need to create something that’s good enough to tell your story. It could be a voice over with photos, it doesn’t matter because as long as it’s not terrible Google will reward you for it. Remember about 46% of people say they’d be more likely to seek out information about a product or service after seeing it in an online video. (Source: Eloqua)

For a few years now, I’ve been playing with the idea of creating a system to enable business owners to create their own business videos. It’s been hard work, but I think I’ve finally nailed it. VIDEO ME PRO is a new service I’ve developed where I book a function room in your city for a few days and allow business to book time with me to create their own personalised business video. What do you think?

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