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Run Media Camera & Film Equipment

At Run Media, we've invested in the best video equipment to ensure that we get you the best results on your next creative project.  We shoot on Sony's Cinema Line, primarily the Sony FX6 with fast prime lens to ensure the best low-light performance and that cinematic look. 

Cinema Camera

Sony FX6 with 5inch Black Magic Monitor

Cinema Lenses

14114mm 1.8 Gmaster2 Prime

24mm 1.4 Gmaster2 Prime

50mm 1.2 Gmaster2 Prime

24-70mm 2.8 Gmaster2 Zoom

150-600mm 5-6.3 Sigma Telephoto Zoom

Photography Camera

Sony A7CII

Other Bits

Mobile Teleprompter

Ronan Rs3 Pro Gimbal

LED Lighting Kit

Edelkrone Dolly Slider

4x4m Green screen and stands

Manfrotto Fluid Tripods

Wireless Lav Mics x2

Rode NTG 3 Shot Gun Mics

Cinema Camera

Sony FX30 APSC


DJI Mini Pro 4

APSC Lenses

16mm 1.4 Prime1

35mm 1.8 Prime

50mm 1.8 Prime

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